Best Picture
Academy Awards'1945

I love The Lost Weekend!..

When I first saw the movie The Lost Weekend I was totally entranced. I really identified with the struggles of the main character and despite it being released in 1945 it resonated as if it had been made just a few years ago. Iíve never struggled with alcoholism like the lead character in the movie but his inability to find his true self and his struggles with writing are certainly familiar and immediately bonded me to the character. A feeling of closeness developed between us and the relationship between Don and his girlfriend Helen is touching and wonderful. Thereís nothing quite like a good woman to help a man out of a pit of sadness.

I love The Lost Weekend so I wanted to put up a little site about it. Thereís a basic description of the movie, some information about the cast, and you can check out some media from the movie. I really just want to be able to share a little bit of this movie with people. You should find it wherever you can and watch it because itís brilliantly made. Billy Wilder is really talented and this is one of his best films, no question. So buy or watch movies online and enjoy life!

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1. Ali from dating tips blog

The lost Weekend is my favorite movie! I am watching it one time per year with my family! Thanks!

2. PinkedPis from dating beautiful ladies

Nice movie, i like all movies made by the talented Billy Wilde.